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You fill out the contact form and agree to the terms of service. Including  your testimony and any photos.

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We will create a date for you to appear on our show. We will also use you submission to create questions to ask during the interview.

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Introduction to the interview

Saving Broken Vessels Show appearance prerequisites: We need a short bio, which I will use to read during the introduction, (approx. 200-300 words) 1 picture of you and a contact number. You will need a good quality webcam, sound card and fast speed internet to appear on the TV segment, aired live at 7:00 PM Eastern Central Time (EST) on Sundays. Join me via live stream (click link to see instructions) on Retream,the show link will be generated and provided once I schedule the show. If you do not have a video option we can opt for an audio interview instead. Interview time will be around 60-90 min. You will need to be online for a camera and audio check 20 min before Showtime. Shows will be placed on demand and available on YouTube and my websites.

Terms and Conditions

By signing this form electronically and returning it to:, I give Saving Broken Vessels Permission to use the interview, give such name materials as follows and realize that the interview is property of Saving Broken Vessels.

I agree and allow Saving Broken Vessels Show to use my interview on all their media outlets, and agree to be interviewed, have my pictures, videos, mp3’s featuredon their website, blogs, FB pages, YouTube and all and any form of promotion without any compensation and waive all rights there on. The interview will not be removed from any of the outlets and will remain on demand, even after interviewee changes his or her mind about appearing on camera or phone

Read the following: Do’s and Don’ts: YouTube has guidelines and will flag the video and can remove it, or prevent monetization. Please do not use profanity, there are certain words that will cause the algorithm to flag the video such as the word: virus, coronavirus, sex, molestation, pedophile, suicide, rape, violence & vaccines. We can spell the word out, or use another word with the same meaning. For instance same sex attraction, same biological attraction instead. 

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